Wigs For Cancer Patients

wigs for cancer patients

If you are looking for affordable wigs for cancer patients, you should start by checking out the American Cancer Society, which provides wigs at a discounted cost or for free. You can also contact your local chapter of the society for more information. However, wigs are much easier to maintain and use than head coverings. There are many different resources to help cancer patients get a wig, so you may want to consider looking into wig banks in your area.

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Cancer patients may also want a wig that is similar to their natural hair color, or something that contrasts their hair. A wig made from lighter hair will make the person’s head appear lighter, which will offset any changes in their skin color. However, you may not be able to wear a wig for long periods of time, so consider wearing a scarf or hat during those times. In addition, you can donate wigs to a cancer support group or to a local hospital cancer clinic.

Before choosing a wig for cancer patients, you should talk to a trusted hairdresser. Ask them to recommend a shop in your area that offers wigs for cancer patients, as they know how difficult this can be. Cancer Black Care is also available to help you find a wig that best matches your hair type. If you have any questions or concerns, you can also talk to your health care provider. There are several options available, including wigs made of synthetic materials and real hair.