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We saw the need for a comfortable yet chic, casual shoe, for the socially-conscious woman.  A shoe with a purpose, for the city girl or the fashionista, settled in suburbia.  All women need easy-to-wear, stylish shoes that adapt to their hectic daily schedule and we found a hole in the marketplace when it came to such a product.

We believe that the SOAK woman is smart, stylish, sophisticated and highly educated about consumer products and their origins. That’s why we decided to meet her needs with a sustainable product that is Made in the USA.

SOAK slides are a sleek and innovative sandal, created with custom technology, comfort and arch support.  They are designed for a woman’s everyday needs. SOAK slides provide ladies an elegant yet comfortable shoe option for city, seaside and/or country landscapes.

Our Slides are recyclable, vegan, eco-friendly, comfortable, water happy, stylish and Made in USA.

We are dedicated to being a socially-conscious enterprise, focused on comfortable chic footwear and committed to providing much-needed jobs in the state of Maine, whose unemployment rate is currently at 5.6%.