What Does a Nutritionist Do?

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A nutritionist is a professional who advises people on the foods that they should eat. They specialize in how food can affect the body, and some specialize in sports nutrition, public health, and animal nutrition. Depending on their area of focus, a nutritionist can be found in many fields, including hospitals, sports teams, and universities.

What does a healthy diet look like to you? …

Some registered nutritionists work as health promotion specialists and health information managers for various health programs. Others may be freelance nutritionists who work with specific communities or charities. They are also often invited to speak to businesses, schools, and conferences about nutrition and health. This career path requires a high level of knowledge and training.

The education requirements to become a nutritionist vary, but it generally takes at least four years of education to complete. There are also certifications that allow you to specialize in a particular area of nutrition. After you complete a bachelor’s degree, you can then choose to pursue a master’s degree program. Master’s degree programs may last for two years, and they focus on different aspects of nutrition, including medical nutrition therapy.

In addition to studying food ingredients, a nutrizionista should also be familiar with the science behind the food you eat. Many diseases require specific types of food to be avoided, or the intake of certain nutrients may be manipulated for medical reasons. For example, a person who suffers from diabetes or cancer needs special attention from a nutritionist. Another type of person who needs nutritional advice is a person with an autoimmune disorder or allergies.

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