What is a Hanten Store?

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A Hanten store is a traditional Japanese store that sells hanten coats. These are soft, warm coats that can be worn for different occasions. The jackets come in different lengths, colors, and styles. Thousands of unique designs are available for shoppers to choose from.

What is Kuma Japan?

Originally, hantens were worn over kimono. During the Edo period, they became popular with the working class. They were also worn by women at festivals.

Hanten Store coats were traditionally padded with cotton. Today, many hantens are made of synthetic fibers. However, they can be a little less breathable and more prone to wrinkles.

High-end hanten jackets are hand-made in Japan. Most sellers take pride in their work. You can find thousands of unique styles all over the country.

Traditional Japanese workmen’s coats are often made of fine-quality padded cotton. Coats may have a plaid pattern on a blue background or be adorned with an employer’s crest.

For the past few years, a company in Japan has produced high-end hanten jackets. This company, Miyata Orimono, has been in business since 1913. It produces a hanten body, hood, and sleeves.

You can wear a hanten on your way to work, on a weekend hike, or to a matsuri festival. You can also wear it in your home to keep you warm and comfortable. Besides, it is lightweight, so you can easily wear it with other outfits.

Whether you are shopping for a new hanten or restocking your existing collection, it is important to shop carefully. Choose quality materials for maximum durability.

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